Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chicks and Kittens....Spring Is In the Air!!


Our cat, Sophia, had her kittens last night! There are three; one that looks like Sophia and her "boyfriend" (black and white), one that is grey and white, with a little white-tipped tail, and one that is all black with a tiny white bib. Guess where she had them? On the swing on our back porch, right our in the open! It was cold and rainy this morning, so we moved her and her kittnes into a box, in the closet. They're so cute!...and tiny!!

Chicks...Well, Not Yet

My Heritage Rhode Island Red has been sitting on eggs for a while. We know there are Ameraucana/White Rock eggs, and there may be Silkie, Old English bantam, or Polish eggs. I...tried to candle an Ameraucana/Rock egg, and I think I saw something!! We moved her out to the garage in a basket with her eggs, and gave her food and water. I can't wait till they hatch! Uh, well, I really hope they hatch!!!!


Our other chicks are getting HUGE, and growing LOTS OF FEATHERS!!! I love the way my Polish looks, because she's getting a crest and t's too cute!


2 thought(s):

Don said...

Life is taking over at the Chickengirl farm! Maybe the cats will keep the neighbor dogs away? Probably not. Your chicks must be getting quite big now. Mine are a little behind yours and they are getting their feathers and their personalities. My polish crested ones are starting to look like they need a haircut.

chickengirl said...

Yes, it is!! I don't know... whenever it would come over, it really paid no attantion to any of the cats.
They are getting big!! Most of them (except my Faverolle) have almost all of their feathers. My favorite, strangely, is a Barred Rock that we got from the Co-op! It's weird that we have so many fancy breeds, but I got attatched to a regular one!!...well, no chicken is regular, but you know what I mean!
My Polish looks like she's wearing a little sunbonnet, or a farmer's straw hat type of thing!! She's so cute.