Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happenings in My Life

Bruiser the Old English Game bantam rooster

Well, we still have a duck in our laundry room, and we still have to put the rest of them out in the garage. Today we put nearly half of the chicks in a different cage. They wee getting way too big to be all together. Also, we recently bought two new Silkie hens from a man who raises and shows Silkies, Old English bantams, heritage RIRs, Brahmas, and Ameraucanas. He has nearly 100 chickens!! Anyways, they're really pretty, but get pecked on by our other Silkie. I think she's jealous!
Not a totally up-to-date picture, but this is the ducklings in their trough bed.
Fabio the White Silkie Rooster
Our cat, Sophia, who is nearly one year old, is pregnant. Her 'mate' is a tom cat who has nearly the exact same markings as Sophia: black patches on white, and a black 'mask'. Yikes. We should have some kittens in several weeks. Anyone need a kitten? Just kidding.

We bought some flower seeds at the Co-op yesterday, including Foxglove and Bachelor Buttons. My sister is very excited and cannot wait to get them planted! Our vegetable garden isn't growing to well... But I hope it starts growing better.

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